2020 Price and Subscription Changes

Thank you for being a member of Heritage Defense! We are grateful to have your family’s support. We have two new updates about your upcoming membership renewal.

Price Change

Since 2010, we have not changed the contribution amount (“price”) of our memberships. While things are now changing, we are committed to keeping membership affordable so you can continue to have peace of mind knowing that experienced, Christian attorneys are ready 24/7 to defend your family. From our inception, the cost of one year of membership with Heritage Defense has been below the national average for one hour of hiring a private attorney. That is still the case today and the changes described below do not change that fact. 

Beginning July 28, 2020, renewing members will experience a small price increase and new members will see a slight price decrease. This will bring the price for both new and renewing members into alignment at $18 per month (or $175 per year for those paying annually)

This price change will not affect you until your current renewal date.

In addition to simply responding to inflation, we are making this price change due to two main factors:

  • First, the legal needs of our members have continued to increase over the past decade and are projected to substantially increase in the near future due to dramatic changes in our governmental and cultural environments.

  • Second, aligning all members with the same standard price allows us to streamline our processes.

Transitioning to Subscriptions

Also beginning July 28, 2020, Heritage Defense is adopting a subscription model, which will simplify how you maintain your membership.

Until now, member families have been required to renew every year to continue their memberships. Our new subscription model will allow families to continue to be members without having to resubmit a renewal every year. Instead, the memberships of families who maintain their monthly or annual contributions will simply continue for as long as the family wants until they cancel their membership. In other words, once you renew this time, you will not need to renew again as long as you maintain your monthly or annual contributions.

When Do These Changes Take Effect?

These changes will affect you on your upcoming renewal date.

  • For families on our Auto-Renew program, these changes will be applied when your membership automatically renews on your upcoming renewal date.
  • For families NOT on our Auto-Renew program, you will review and consent to these changes when you submit your upcoming renewal form.

Again, all members are being notified of these changes regarding the cost of membership and the adoption of a subscription model approximately one month before their current membership renewal date.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website live chat, by emailing us at members@heritagedefense.org, or by calling us at 1-800-515-5901.

We are grateful to have the support of you and your family and we look forward to continuing to provide your family with peace of mind as we stand in the gap for parental rights to protect your children, preserve your freedoms, and defend your heritage.

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