Member Story: “The Peace of Mind Provided by Having Heritage Defense There With Us Was Beyond Price.”


Here is a letter we recently received from one of the many families we were privileged to serve in 2013.

We give all glory to God, and we give many thanks to our members for their support which makes our defense of families like this possible.

Don Hart, Bradley Pierce, and Heritage Defense,

During the course of our lives God often leads us in unexpected directions and surprises us with His ever watchful providence.  In 2010, while attending the Baby Conference in San Antonio, we were blessed to attend a breakout session led by Don Hart.  He was explaining the need for protection for our families from state intervention and the launch of Heritage Defense.  This was our first exposure to this new ministry and we were impressed with the importance and necessity of it.  We quickly decided that we wanted to support this vision.  Most of our children were already grown, and we never anticipated needing the services of Heritage Defense, but felt it to be an important ministry for families, and well worth supporting.  Little did we know that God was placing a hedge of protection in place for us and our children.

In 2013, we found ourselves under investigation by Child Protective Services.  It is impossible to describe the unbelief, shock, anxiety, and fear this caused.  Having previously received from Heritage Defense the letter outlining how to handle a visit from a social worker was such a blessing, and gave us the protection and direction to know how to handle the initial contact; we would have been lost without that information. When we contacted Heritage Defense, Bradley Pierce handled our calls and gave us counsel.  There are not words to describe what it meant to actually have Bradley on the phone while the social worker and police were at our door.  His competent and assured handling of the situation, his words of comfort and encouragement, and the gentle way he handled everything gave us security in a very unnerving situation. It was so clear from his words and actions that he was prepared to deal with the situation, that he was concerned with protecting our children, and that he understood the severe emotional trauma this was causing our family.  He spoke words of encouragement and compassion to us that touched us deeply.

Through the ensuing months of investigation Heritage Defense was always there, always available, able to reassure us and answer every question, giving us comfort and confidence that we were not alone in this trial.  In it all we were so amazed at the providential care of God to have prepared such a defense for us years before we needed it.

Though our case is now closed, we know that the fearful battle still rages for many.  We now encourage other families that—though they think they are safe—it is of great importance to take precautions to protect their family.  We have seen through our experience just how critical it is to handle this kind of situation correctly.  We know that without the help and wisdom of Heritage Defense we would have made huge mistakes in our handling of the situation that could have caused untold damage.  The peace of mind provided by having Heritage Defense there with us was beyond price.

We rejoice that God in His wisdom has moved Don Hart, Bradley, and others with wisdom and vision for the care of His church.  Truly His ways are marvelous and His plans are beyond our wildest imaginations.  May He ever be glorified in all that Heritage Defense does, and may you be blessed abundantly for your love and your sacrifice to protect God’s children!

We hope the enclosed gift will help support this much-needed ministry.  Thank you again for all you are doing.

With all our love and gratitude,

George and Bonni Berkman (names changed for privacy)

“Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, But to Your name give glory, Because of Your mercy, Because of Your truth.” ~ Psalm 115:1

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