Member Story: Abortion activists used CPS to attack my family.

When Christopher and Ashley Bachman* began pleading for the lives of preborn children at abortion clinics and publicly around town, they understood the costs. The Bachmans knew that they would become objects of profanity, insults, hatred, and potentially even physical violence. Nevertheless, seeking to love their neighbors as themselves, they went anyway, and they often brought their children with them.

Yet Christopher and Ashley were concerned by several stories they had heard about parents like them being falsely accused of child abuse by abortion clinic workers and pro-abortion activists. So when the Bachmans learned about Heritage Defense from a friend, they decided to become members.

On July 4th, it happened to them.

Christopher and Ashley had spent part of that day witnessing together with their children to people at a pro-abortion event. While there, pro-abortion activists took the opportunity to call child protective services to make unfounded allegations that the Bachman children were being neglected by their parents. Later that day, a CPS investigator called the family and demanded to interview the children or she would contact the police.

Since they were members, the Bachmans knew they could call Heritage Defense. Because it was a holiday, though, the Bachmans were not sure they would be able to speak to an attorney right away. However, even though he was in the middle of grilling his family’s dinner for their Independence Day celebration, a Heritage Defense attorney immediately took their call and spent over an hour guiding Christopher and Ashley through the situation. 

Afterwards, Heritage Defense hired the family a local attorney who stood beside them and fought for their rights against the lies and threats. The attorney was able to keep CPS out of the home completely and after two months the allegations were declared unfounded and the case closed. Everything was included with their Heritage Defense membership.

Christopher and Ashley share their thoughts on the experience:

“The thought of our children being taken away was the most stressful thing we have ever had to go through. Knowing that Heritage Defense is there for us is an incredible blessing from God, I’m not sure how things would have turned out without them. May God bless the whole team at Heritage Defense.”

If you are a member of Heritage Defense, we hope it is an encouragement for you to know that your membership is going to help families like the Bachmans. While we cannot guarantee outcomes, if your family is ever falsely accused of child abuse or neglect, we are ready to fight to defend you and your rights.

If you are not yet a member, please join today to have 24/7 access to experienced attorneys ready to defend your family.

*Names changed for privacy

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