Member Story: My in-laws reported us to CPS

The following account was written by a Heritage Defense member family we assisted:

We cannot thank you enough for the services provided by Heritage Defense to our family recently.

Due to some tensions with my in-laws, I suggested to my husband that we become members of Heritage Defense as a safety measure. We became members shortly after, and things went along quietly for many months… as far as we knew.

I still felt a sense of uneasiness, so I prepared as best I could, watching the training videos provided through Heritage Defense on how to handle a CPS visit and praying for wisdom. Tensions with extended family escalated as we made some important decisions for our children and family that were unpopular with them. They threatened multiple times, and we sensed that trouble was brewing.

Very early in the morning in the fall of 2023, our dog began barking loudly, alerting us that visitors had arrived. I stepped quickly outside, sensing that something was amiss. Two women exited their vehicle with papers in hand and announced that they were from CPS. They began reading off some false accusations…from a disgruntled family member.

Knowing the steps ahead of time for handling such a visit, I immediately excused myself, stepped back inside the house, and called Heritage Defense. I was quickly put on the line with an attorney, who gave me advice after hearing about the situation.

What could have been an intrusive and scary experience was handled calmly as I followed the expert advice from the Heritage Defense attorney. The social workers never entered our home and left shortly after having a brief conversation with us and seeing our six children through a large window in the house.

Time passed slowly as the investigation remained open. Our attorney was very professional and helpful. He kept in close contact and walked us through each step while he corresponded with the social worker. Knowing someone else was a mediator for us was such a relief! 

My husband kept commenting how joining Heritage Defense was one of the best investments we had ever made.

45 days or so later, the social worker announced via e-mail that the investigation would be closed. The accusations were unsubstantiated. Our pastor and close friends wrote letters vouching for us and our care of our children.

The social worker made one final and short visit to our home. She arrived and said a brief hello to us, our children, and our attorney, handed us the closing papers, and left.

We were amazed at how smoothly everything went, and we praised the Lord for His protection. No parent expects it to happen (especially when family members report it), but we are so thankful we were well prepared, thanks to Heritage Defense!

If you are a member of Heritage Defense, we hope it is an encouragement for you to know that your membership is going to help families like this. While we cannot guarantee outcomes, if your family is ever falsely accused of child abuse or neglect, we are ready to fight to defend you and your rights. 

If you are not yet a member, please join today to have 24/7 access to experienced attorneys ready to defend your family.

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Please re-word. A poet-laureate I am not.


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