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Who Watches the Watchmen: Social Worker Charged with Assaulting Child in His Care

When determining the best interest of children, courts are often under the false impression that children are always safer in state custody. However, children placed in state care are actually at a greater risk of harm. Recently, a California teen was allegedly taken by a social worker who took the boy to his own residence […]

Huffing and Puffing: Social Workers and Police May Not Say, “Let Us in the House, or We Are Taking Your Children.”

Often, social workers tell parents that their children will be taken if they do not cooperate with a social work investigation. In most cases these threats are empty overstatements of a social worker’s actual authority. In Arizona, an assistant attorney general, two social workers, a sheriff, and four sheriff’s deputies are in federal court to […]

Children Overmedicated in State Custody

Children placed in the foster care system are more likely to be placed on psychotropic medication. Some of these children are taken from their homes because their parents are addicted to the same type of drugs that these children are later prescribed. Recently, when an overmedicated seven-year-old boy committed suicide, a debate over the widespread […]

Iowa Mother Sues Social Services for Taking Five-Year-Old Daughter for Two Weeks under False Allegations

Most child welfare investigations nationwide find no evidence of abuse or neglect. Even so, many families are broken up and children suffer severe trauma as a result of being separated from their parents (and often placed in dangerous and defiling environments). One Iowa mother is fighting back, filing a lawsuit against Iowa social services after […]

Social Services Takes Children Because Parents Allegedly Neglectful for Driving through Bad Neighborhood

Although many social services agencies claim to reach out to families in crisis, they often exploit families in crisis. In one case, a New York family fell victim to a carjacking at knifepoint. Police apprehended the perpetrator, but not before he had injured some of the children. When social services arrived on the scene, instead […]

Double Kidnapping – Child Is Reunited with Mother after Kidnapping, Then Taken by Social Services

In a Tennessee kidnapping incident, social services added insult to injury by taking away a child who had just been reunited with his mother. Maria Gurrola was stabbed and her four-day-old son was kidnapped from her arms. Later, the perpetrator was apprehended and the boy was retuned to his mother, but not for long. The […]

Social Services Fighting Mother Who Lives in an Extended-Stay Motel

Social services agencies often profile parents based on their young age and low income. Two North Carolina parents are suffering this manner of profiling in the midst of a family disaster. A car ran onto a sidewalk and struck their one-year-old daughter, whom the parents were pushing in a stroller. While the little girl has […]

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